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What to Expect When Visiting Big White Ski Resort This Spring

With Spring just around the corner, that means that the ski season is winding down. But that doesn’t mean that the fun needs to end, either. At Big White Ski Resort, there’s plenty more to see and do to keep you busy for a vacation during the Spring and Summer. Whether you’re hoping to squeeze in one last ski trip before the season ends, or for a different kind of adventure, visiting Big White Ski Resort in the Spring is never a bad idea.

Curious about what you can expect when visiting Big White Ski Resort this Spring? Read on for Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ guide for visiting Big White in Spring.

When Does The Ski Season End?

Generally, the ski season for most ski resorts ends in early Spring during April. This year, Big White Ski Resort’s ski season ends on Sunday, April 10th, 2022.

When Does the Next Ski Season Start?

The start of a ski season usually depends on the weather conditions. However, at Big White Ski Resort, we’re known for our champagne powder snow and ideal snowfalls and climate for skiing (we average about 7.5 metres of annual snowfall each year). Big White Ski Resort’s ski season usually opens in November. For this Winter Season, Big White Ski Resort opened on Friday, November 26th, 2021.

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What Are Skiing Conditions Like in March/April?

Weather conditions near the end of the ski season usually mean warmer weather and less precipitation. However, you can still find great skiing conditions throughout March. In April, this is generally when the mountain starts to become warmer, and Big White gets less snow on the mountain. 

In March, the average temperature is about -4.7C° (23.54F°) with an average total snowfall of 148.5cm (58.4″). These are still cold enough temperatures, and with just enough fresh snowfall, you can still enjoy a great ski trip in March. The average temperature in April is about -0.3C° (31.46F°) with an average total snowfall of 58.9cm (23.2″). So while you can still get some ski sessions going in early April, your chances for great skiing are winding down quickly with the warmer weather and less snow.

Even with that in mind, the Spring season at Big White Ski Resort is still a beautiful time to visit, with plenty of things to do and see on your trip.

What To Do At Big White Ski Resort During the Spring

Big White Ski Resort is a haven of delicious restaurants, fun outdoor activities, beautiful scenery and more. Even when you’re not taking advantage of the last of the ski season, you can still find plenty of activities to fill your time while visiting Big White Ski Resort during the Spring.

Curious about what you can do on the mountain? Here’s Luxury Vacation Rentals’ quick list of activities to try while visiting Big White Ski Resort in the Spring:

Looking for some unique activities to round out your trip to Big White? Try these exclusive experiences through your stay with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals:

There’s still plenty more to do and explore on the mountain. Looking for more suggestions? As a fully on-the-mountain service that lives full-time on the mountain, we can offer more suggestions and help you build out the best vacation for you and your guests. Contact us today for more information.

What To Expect When Booking Your Vacation in Early Spring

During the early Spring in March and April, the mountain receives great weather and ski conditions for taking advantage of the last of the ski season. While many skiers will be trying to check off as many days as they can before Big White Ski Resort closes for the ski season, the crowds tend to lessen the closer we get to the end of the season.

Usually, March is quite busy and books up fast with those last ski stragglers coming to ski with the last of the season. April, however, is usually a bit slower and offers fewer crowds and a smoother time for booking a ski vacation in the first weeks of the month. Even with this in mind, your favourite accommodations and vacation rentals can still book up fast with last-minute holidays. It’s always highly recommended to book your Big White vacation rentals as soon as possible to avoid disappointment in missing out on your favourite spots to stay.

Big White Ski Resort: The Ultimate Year-Round Destination For A Vacation

Big White Ski Resort is most known for its beautiful champagne powder and skiing conditions during the winter months. However, the resort is also a hidden gem to explore during the summer season, not just in winter. Whether you’re a hiking junky, someone who likes to relax from the hot tub, or a skiing addict, Big White Ski Resort is the ultimate year-round destination for a vacation packed with mountain adventure. 

Big White Ski Resort fully opens for the summer season in June, with even more activities to fill your vacation. In the meantime, if you’re hoping to take advantage of the last of the ski season this Spring, browse our luxury vacation rentals and book your vacation today.