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Big White Restaurants: The Ultimate Guide To Dining In Style At Big White Ski Resort

As one of Canada’s top ski resorts in the country, Big White Ski Resort is a favourite destination for many reasons. From Big White’s world-class ski trails to beautiful champagne powder snow, the ski resort offers a skiing experience that rivals some of the most famous ski resorts in the world. It even landed as Reader’s Digest #2 on their top “14 Best Ski Resorts You Need To Visit”, which features ski resorts from around the world. But Big White Ski Resort’s trails and snow aren’t the only qualities that make it an amazing ski destination. 

Big White’s food scene is also a delicious adventure to enhance your ski getaway. Whether you’re looking for a delicious, family-friendly meal, or a memorable fine-dining experience, there’s something for everyone with the wide selection of Big White restaurants available. As local, on-the-mountain experts of the area who have tried the many wonderful restaurants available, we wanted to bring you our local guide to dining at Big White Ski Resort.

Read on to discover Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ top Big White restaurants, for every occasion.

Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ Top Three Big White Restaurants for Family Dining:

Feeding your family while on your ski vacation shouldn’t be a chore. While Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ accommodations all have fully-equipped kitchens to prepare your own meals, sometimes you just want to go out for a tasty dinner with your family. As one of Canada’s top family ski resorts that prides itself on being very family-friendly, Big White Ski Resort has plenty of appetizing restaurants to bring your family to while on your family ski vacation. 

Here are Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ top Three Big White restaurants for dining with the family:

1. The Bullwheel Gastro Family Pub: 

The Bullwheel Gastro Family Pub is a family-friendly restaurant and pub that features food and drink influenced by the Okanagan valley, with some internationally-inspired twists to the menu.

Dining-style: Family-friendly & casual dining, also features a bar, perfect for an apres-ski drink and snack.
Menus: Breakfast & Lunch, Dinner, Dessert & Drinks and the “Little Bulls” kids’ menu.
Takeout friendly? Yes. Here is their takeaway option for dining in the comfort of your vacation rental.
Hours: Daily, 8:00 am until late.

2. Underground Pizza:

Looking for the crowd-pleasers to feed your family? Then Underground Pizza is the spot for you. This local pizza joint has all the classic favourites and some fun unique pizzas to try with the family.

Dining-style: Casual dining for the family or friends. 
Menus: Their menu features pizza along with some other casual eats like salads and donairs.
Takeout friendly? Yes. You can order takeout or delivery, and they have options for ordering online, in-store or via the phone.
Hours: Daily, from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, with Online Ordering and delivery starting after 5:00 pm.

3. Happy Valley Day Lodge:

For a hot and tasty lunch that you and the kids will enjoy, Happy Valley Day Lodge makes an excellent choice. This family-friendly restaurant offers quick and easy options to fuel up your family’s skiing adventures.

Dining-style: Family-friendly, casual and quick dining options.
Menus: Their lunch-oriented menu features burgers, chicken tenders, soup and more. They also have a kids’ menu.
Takeout friendly? Yes, there are takeaway options available.
Hours: Daily, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ Top Three Big White Restaurants for Date Night:

Big White Ski Resort isn’t only a family ski resort. It also makes for a romantic getaway with your spouse or partner. From the romantic atmosphere of the champagne powder snow and twinkling lights of the Village Centre to cozy and luxurious vacation rentals, Big White will make your couples’ getaway to the mountains feel extra special. And along with the atmosphere and accommodations, Big White also features some great spots for a romantic date night meal with your loved one. 

Here are Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ top three Big White Restaurants for a date night with your partner while on vacation:

1. Black Diamond Bar & Grill:

If you’re craving a good steak and seafood meal for your dinner with your loved one, the Black Diamond Bar & Grill hits all the marks. This contemporary steakhouse restaurant has homestyle comfort food options and gourmet dishes, too.

Dining-style: Casual steakhouse-style dining, with a cozy mountain chalet atmosphere.
Menus: Lunch, Dinner, and Desserts
Takeout friendly? Yes, there are takeaway options available.
Hours: Daily, 11:00 am until late.

2. Globe Cafe & Tapas Bar:

Globe Cafe & Tapas Bar offers an excellent environment for a cozy meal with your significant other. They even have live music performances on Thursdays through Sundays from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm during the winter season (reservations recommended). A cafe by day and tapas bar by night, Globe is a great option for date night.

Dining-style: Cozy bar and casual tapas-style atmosphere.
Menus: Breakfast & Brunch, “Beers & Boards” Happy Hour, Dinner & Tapas, and Takeout.
Takeout friendly? Yes, take-away options are available. 
Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday-Tuesday, 9:00 am to late Wednesday-Sunday.

3. Gunbarrel Grill:

The Gunbarrel Grill delivers a casual and indulgent dining experience to hit all your tastebuds for date night. With delectable cocktails and a carefully curated wine list to go along with your meal, the Gunbarrel Grill offers a classic mountain chalet atmosphere with a gourmet menu.

Dining-syle: Cozy, relaxed mountain chalet atmosphere.
Menus: Seasonal Dinner Menu
Takeout friendly? Yes, take-away options are available.
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday from 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm, closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ Top Unique Dining Experiences:

Looking for something more unique to make your ski vacation at Big White Ski Resort more memorable? Check out these two delicious and unique dining experiences available at Big White:

1. Horse Drawn Sleigh Dining Tours:

As part of a horse-drawn sleigh ride tour of Big White Ski Resort, you’ll be taken along a nostalgic journey through the snow-covered village to your dining experience. A perfect way to tour the resort and get a delicious meal in the same package, this is a memorable activity to do on your trip. There are options for booking a private tour for two or taking your family along the adventure. It also makes for a romantic way to propose to your partner! 
Booking in advance is required.

Menu: Dinner Menu.
Hours: Thursday – Tuesday at 5:30 pm (It’s advised to arrive at least 10 minutes early for your tour).

A chef in a black apron from Backyard Farms Chef's Table standing in an trellis with wines growing on it in a lush garden.

2. Backyard Farm – Chef’s Table:

For a truly unique dining option, Backyard Farm’s Chef’s Table experience offers gourmet meals by highly-skilled chefs that are prepared right in the comfort of your vacation rental. Through your stay with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals, you’ll gain access to the delectable and exquisite meals that Backyard Farm provides. With tailored, seasonal meals cooked to your and your guests’ tastes, this is a dining experience like no other. It’s the perfect option for a relaxing night while still having a luxurious meal to indulge in.
Booking in advance is required. Be advised that slots get booked up quickly.

Menu: Seasonal and local ingredients, with meals tailored to guests.

New Big White Restaurants:

Are you an experienced Big White visitor, and you’re looking for something new to try? Check out these new Big White restaurants below, brought in just in time for the 2021/2022 season.

1. Sasquatch Sushi:

Sasquatch Sushi is one of the newest restaurants to Big White Ski Resort. This sushi restaurant offers traditional and North American-style dishes for everyone to enjoy. 

Dining-style: Casual, comfortable dine-in and takeout. 
Menu: Sushi menu.
Takeout friendly? Yes, takeout is available.
Hours: Wednesday – Monday 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm, closed Tuesdays.

2. Cantina Del Centro:

Who’s ready for taco night? Now that Cantina Del Centro is open at Big White Ski Resort, you can eat delicious tacos and other Mexican-style food while on your ski vacation. 

Dining-style: Casual, street-food style menu.
Menu: Food & Drink Menu.
Take-out friendly? Yes, takeout is available.
Hours: Daily, from 12:00 pm to late.

Dining at Big White Ski Resort

From tacos to steaks and more, Big White Ski Resort has tasty options for everyone to enjoy while on vacation. Want to explore more of the dining options available on the mountain? Check out Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ Restaurant & Bar Guide for more information. Ready to book the ultimate ski vacation at Big White Ski Resort? Browse our luxury vacation rentals and book with us today.