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Champagne Powder Skiing and Excellent Snow Conditions: Why You Should Ski at Big White Ski Resort in February and March

Big White Ski Resort, located near Kelowna in British Columbia, is one of the top ski resorts in Canada, and for good reason. The resort features world-class ski trails, gorgeous views of the mountains and Okanagan Valley, and more. But it doesn’t stop there. Big White is also famously known for its champagne powder snow and excellent snow conditions. It’s a true ski lover’s dream. And while it may surprise you, some of the best months to experience these ideal skiing conditions are in February and March at Big White Ski Resort.

Curious about why? Read on to find out more about why you should visit Big White Ski Resort in February and March.

“It’s The Snow!”: Champagne Powder Snow at Big White Ski Resort

“It’s The Snow!” Is the motto at Big White for a reason. Big White Ski Resort has many features that make it one of Canada’s top ski resorts in the country. But it’s the champagne powder snow that makes it truly stand out from the rest. 

Because of the Okanagan Valley’s climate, where Big White Ski Resort calls home, the mountain receives some of the highest quality of snow for skiing or snowboarding. The climate provides light, dry and airy ‘champagne powder’ snow that’s perfect for skiing. This fluffy snow is sought after by many passionate skiers. Because of its drier, airy texture, champagne powder snow lets you feel like you’re floating on top of the snow. It also means that you’ll be less likely to catch hard spots as you ski, and you can ski down the mountain trails at a faster and smoother rate. 

Known for this quality worldwide, Big White Ski Resort’s snow is one of the main reasons why it’s the ideal spot for skiing and snowboarding. And to make sure that you can take advantage of this high-quality, champagne snow, the best time to go is in February and March.

Excellent Snow Conditions and Weather in February and March at Big White Ski Resort

Along with its champagne powder snow, Big White Ski Resort has some of the best snow and weather conditions for skiing and snowboarding. The mountain boasts over 7.5 meters (24.5 feet) of annual snowfall, and because of the Okanagan’s drier climate, you can expect wonderfully fluffy champagne powder snow. And while December and January make for excellent months for a holiday trip, some of the best times to go skiing at Big White are actually in February and March.

For the Okanagan region, February and March are known as some of the drier winter months for the area. So while there is still plenty of champagne powder snow to go around, it also means that there will be more clear, sunny days to ski and snowboard than in December and January. You can better enjoy the stunning views, world-class trails and more with the snow and weather conditions in February and March. 

If you’re looking for fluffy snow and ‘bluebird’ days to enjoy your ski vacation with, then February and March are the best months to go. Curious about the current weather on the mountain? Take a look at the weather forecast for Big White Ski Resort.

Take Advantage of the Best Skiing Conditions Before the Season Ends

February and March are some of the busiest skiing months of the season for Big White Ski Resort. There is a higher chance for better weather and excellent snow conditions, and you can still enjoy the champagne powder snow that the mountain is known for. Plus, with British Columbia’s Family Day holiday, many choose to take advantage of the time off to book their family vacations.

Big White rentals and accommodation book up fast in February and March. If you’re hoping to book your ski vacation before the season ends in April to experience some of the best conditions for skiing, then now is the time. 

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