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Private Big White Massage

Big White Mountain Massage logo, which is a white hand with two m's on it, over a black background.

Looking for a way to relax after a day on the slopes? Or maybe you need to loosen those sore muscles? Mountain Massage is just what you need! 

Big White Mountain Massage

This Big White massage spa is a mobile massage service that brings deep tissue massage and relaxing massage therapy into the comfort of your vacation rental accommodations.

It offers a variety of spa services including Sports, Relaxation, Acupressure (which uses the same pressure points as acupuncture for healing and relaxation), Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology treatments, luxurious wraps, and facial treatments.

Their treatment offerings provide full body, deep tissue massages from their expert massage therapists to help clients’ well being and circulation, and to help clients feel calm, balance and focus through their massage techniques.

An appointment with Big White Mountain Massage is the perfect therapeutic massage experience to help alleviate soreness and pain or just for some gentle relaxation time.

Therapeutic massages can help improve your body’s circulation, relieve stress, release tight muscles and help you feel balanced after winter sports activities.

Whether you’re looking for a hot stone massage session, a deep tissue massage, or acupressure from our skilled spa therapists, a private therapeutic massage with Mountain Massage is sure to elevate your ski trip to Big White heights.

Mountain Massage has offered their specialized services for more than 15 years, helping clients to relax with a therapeutic approach so they can better enjoy their time on Big White.

Melissa, the owner of Mountain Massage since it opened, considers herself to be a proud mountain local and an expert on all things relaxation & massages, with a passion for relaxation, inner health & wellbeing, massage therapy and helping patients unwind.

Mountain Massage offers a wide range of relaxation experiences for clients to enjoy and unwind with. 

Book your private massage therapy appointment today exclusively through your stay with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals at Big White Ski Resort.

A registered massage therapist in a red shirt gives a patient a back massage treatment to their body to relieve stress and improve their health & wellbeing and health.
A registered massage therapist does location massage therapy on a patient's foot to relieve stress and heal pain in their body.
A hot stone massage with small black stones in a line along the spine of a person for a therapeutic, health & wellness experience that relieves stress and pain through expert techniques, heat and control, done with Big White Mountain Massage from a massage therapist.

Unique Experiences Only Available With LMVR

Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals is proud to partner with Mountain Massage to provide guests with a unique, private massage to make your trip unforgettable and relaxing.

Add something special to your Big White itinerary and get a private massage right in the comfort of your luxury vacation rental.

Whether you need to loosen up some sore muscles from a day of skiing, or you are looking to simply relax with a treatment on your vacation, Mountain Massage offers a wide range of massage therapy experiences to enjoy and unwind with.

Big White Mountain Massage’s specialized treatments are not only on the mountain, but also mobile, meaning they can provide you with comforting massage treatments no matter where you are staying with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals. As a mobile service, Mountain Massage comes right into your rental to provide massage therapy services.

As part of your stay, you’ll be able to book this exclusive treatment experience along with your luxury Big White rental.

This unique experience is only available as part of your stay with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals.

Want to make your Big White Ski Resort trip unforgettable? Don’t let this amazing opportunity for a private massage slip away! Contact us with your booking reference number to book your luxury accommodations and get exclusive access to Mountain Massage*.

Ready to book? Get in touch today!

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