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Snowmobile Tours

Snowmobiling is an exhilarating way to enjoy Big White’s stunning BC backcountry. A variety of daily Canadian snowmobiling tours take place on trails catered to all skill levels, from family cruising to advanced powder riding. Drive your own snowmobile or double up with a friend, and see Big White in a new and exciting way.

Kids snowmobiles

Mini-Z miniature snowmobiles are great fun for the kids. Kids get to experience the thrill of mini snowmobiling on a track built specially for them! This gives children an opportunity to try out kids snowmobiling in a safe environment.

Snowmobile tours and rentals are run by Big White Ski Resort and is not affiliated with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals. To book a snowmobile tour or to find further information about Big White, go to Big White Ski Resort’s website.


How to get there:

From the Village Centre – take Lara’s Gondola to Happy Valley, turn left and cross the bridge into the Happy Valley Adventure Centre. Then proceed to the Snowmobile Hut

By Vehicle – Park in the Happy Valley Parking Lot, proceed to the Adventure Centre. Then proceed to the Snowmobile Hut

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