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Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ Top 8 Facts About Big White Ski Resort

Big White Ski Resort is a gorgeous mountain oasis for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Located in the Okanagan Highland, the resort is right between the Monashee Mountains and the Okanagan Valley in BC. With its prime location, the resort offers everything you need for the ideal ski vacation. Whether you’re a first-time visitor, or you come to the mountain every winter, Big White Ski Resort brings something new to the table for everyone. But this ski resort is more than just a popular destination in the wintertime; it’s also rich in history and details that make the mountain unique.

Want to learn more about Big White Ski Resort? Read on for Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ top 8 facts about Big White Ski Resort.

A large clock tower painted in bright colours with the words Big White on it, located at the Village Centre at Big White Ski Resort

1. Big White Ski Resort Opened in 1963

Big White Ski Resort first opened to the public in 1963 with one T-Bar. Although the ski resort has come a long way with many more chairs and upgrades, the resort had humble beginnings. The ski resort has now been open for 59 years!

2. Big White Ski Resort Was Opened by Cliff Serwa and Doug Mervyn

Friends Cliff Serwa and Doug Mervyn opened Big White Ski Resort together. Locals of Kelowna, Cliff Serwa and Doug Mervyn saw what others did not: a mountain with ideal skiing conditions and full of potential. Ownership of Big White Ski Resort changed over to the Schumann family in 1985, whose goal was to build a world-class ski resort. Focusing on expanding the resort and prioritizing customer service, Big White Ski Resort has become a world-class ski resort that lives up to the dreams of both the Schumanns and the original founders.

A skier in a blue jacket skis down a snowy slope with snow covered trees and blue skies in the background at Big White Ski Resort.
Two couples each ride a snowmobile along a snow covered path with snowcovered trees in the background as it continues to snow while at Big White Ski Resort.

3. Big White Ski Resort Has An Average Annual Snowfall of 7.5 Metres

Big White Ski Resort is known for its champagne powder snow and excellent skiing conditions. With an average annual snowfall of 7.5 metres, it’s no wonder that Big White Ski Resort is one of the top ski destinations in Canada.

4. The First On-Mountain Big White Accommodation Wasn’t Built Until 1968

Although Big White Ski Resort now has plenty of wonderful on-the-mountain accommodation, it wasn’t always this way. It wasn’t until 1968 that Big White Ski Resort built its first on-mountain accommodation. Now visitors can expect a plethora of Big White accommodations that are on the mountain, including LMVR’s luxury vacation rentals.

A few skiers ski past a Luxury Mountain vacation Rentals' luxury vacation rental unit at Big White Ski Resort.
Two children skate and play ice hockey at Big White Ski Resort's ice skating rink, one of the highest outdoor skating rinks in Canada.

5. Big White Ski Resort is Home to Canada’s Highest Outdoor Skating Rink

There’s nothing quite like skating on an outdoor rink with a view, and we think that Big White Ski Resort’s skating rink has one of the best in Canada. As the home to Canada’s highest outdoor skating rink, Big White Ski Resort offers a unique skating experience. Skating at Big White’s rink is a fun experience elevated with stunning views of the resort and surrounding mountains.

6. Big White Ski Resort Held its First-Ever Snowboard-Only Event in 1987

snowboarders alike. The resort and mountain have been a snowboard enthusiasts’ destination for many years. In fact, Big White Ski Resort held its first-ever snowboard-only event in 1987. After Neil Edgeworth, a prominent local to Big White and snowboarding legend, died in an avalanche in France in 1997, the event changed its name. Now called the Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom, the memorial event is meant to honour Edgeworth and other athletes, as well as to remember the true soul of the sport. The Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom is now the biggest annual snowboarding event in British Columbia.

A snowboarder in a blue jacket snowboards down a champagne powder, snowy slope with snow-covered trees in the background and bright blue skies above while at Big White Ski Resort, perfect conditions for snowboarding or skiing in January.
A skilled skier in bright yellow gear skis down a champagne powder snow covered slope with bright blue skies above at Big White Ski Resort.

7. Big White Ski Resort Is The Playground For Olympians, Including Olympic Gold Medalist Kelsey Serwa

From beginner to expert, Big White Ski Resort has something for every level of skier or snowboarder. In fact, Big White Ski Resort is even the playground for some Olympic athletes, including our very own Kelsey Serwa. Kelsey Serwa is Cliff Serwa’s granddaughter and a local Olympic athlete in the area. She has won both a gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics and a silver medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Now retired, Serwa is a freestyle skier who was a member of the Canadian national ski cross team and has spent her fair share of time on Big White’s slopes. We’re very proud to call Kelsey Serwa one of our own.

8. Big White Ski Resort Has 2765 Acres of Terrain, 16 Lifts And 119 Designated Trails

Although Big White Ski Resort only opened with one T-Bar, the resort now has 16 different lifts throughout the resort. With 2765 acres of terrain to explore, you’ll find endless adventures during your ski vacation. The resort also boasts 119 designated trails for skiing with a variety of difficulty that goes from beginner to expert. Night skiing more your thing? Big White Ski Resort has the largest night skiing area in Western Canada with excellent lighting and terrain for night skiing.

Two skiers sit on one of Bog White Ski Resort's ski lifts as they go up the mountainside to ski on a sunny day.

Big White Ski Resort: One of Canada’s Top Ski Resorts to Visit

Big White Ski Resort is one of Canada’s top ski resorts for many reasons. The resort offers an excellent variety of terrain, delicious restaurants, various activities, stunning luxury vacation rentals and more. Operating for well over 50 years, this family-run ski resort is rich in history, culture and amenities that make it a unique experience to enjoy. But, the adventure doesn’t stop there; Big White Ski Resort will also be opening for the summer season this year! Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about summer vacations at Big White Ski Resort, and stay tuned for more information coming soon.

As one of the few on-the-mountain management services, we at Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals know just how special Big White Ski Resort is. Ready to book your ski vacation? Browse our luxury vacation rentals today to get started or contact us for more information.

A family of five in ski gear stand on a snowy slope at Big White Ski Resort.