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Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ Guide To Big White Ski Resort’s Ski Weather & Snow Conditions (And Our New Big White Snow Report)

There’s nothing better than arriving for your ski vacation to find fresh powdery snow waiting for your skis to track through them. And there’s nothing worse than booking a trip only to find foggy, damp weather and melting snow for the whole ski vacation. So how do you plan your ski trip to aline for better ski weather and snow conditions?

To help you better plan your Big White Ski Resort trip, we’ve put together this ski weather and snow conditions guide for Big White Ski Resort. Plus, you’ll want to hear more about our new and improved Big White Snow Report, and how you can use it to better plan your skiing adventures. Keep reading to learn more about our new snow report and Big White Ski Resort’s weather.

Skiers and snowboarders ski past one of the luxury vacation rentals at Big White Ski Resort, managed by Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals, on a bluebird ski day with fresh champagne powder snow on the ground. If you're looking for bluebird ski days on your next ski vacation, use our new Big White Snow Report to help you plan your trip around Big White's weather.
With the best ski-in/ski-out access properties at Big White Ski Resort and the most up-to-date Big White Snow Report, your ski trip planning to Big White just got easier.

Big White Ski Resort’s General Snow Conditions During The Ski Season

Big White Ski Resort is known for its champagne powder snow and excellent ski weather conditions throughout the ski season.

On average, Big White Ski Resort receives 7.5 metres (24.5 ft) of snow annually. The average ski season is approximately 135 days long, and Big White Ski Resort often receives the ideal temperatures and precipitation for fluffy, ski-approved snow. Big White Ski Resort generally opens in late November to early December but is also often able to open earlier and was the first ski resort to open for the 2022/2023 ski season in BC

Located in the Okanagan Valley, Big White Ski Resort also tends to be a bit “drier” meaning that its snow is often fluffier and more powdery (and less heavy than what most ski resorts get), perfect for skiing and snowboarding.

With its ideal ski conditions and champagne powder snow, Big White Ski Resort is one of the top family ski resorts in Canada for a reason.

What Is The Average Snowfall For Each Month During the Ski Season At Big White Ski Resort?

Of course, getting a general idea of Big White’s ski weather may not be enough to decide when you should visit Big White Ski Resort for your ski vacation. Here’s a quick breakdown of the average snowfall and temperatures for each month during Big White’s ski season:

Big White Ski Resort’s Average Weather By Month According To Our Big White Snow Report

Big White Ski Resort’s Weather in November:
Average Temperature:-4° C / 26° F
Average Snowfall:33 cm / 13 in
Average Number of Bluebird Days:9.8
Big White Ski Resort’s Weather in December:
Average Temperature:-8° C / 18° F
Average Snowfall:160 cm / 63 in
Average Number of Bluebird Days:11.2
Big White Ski Resort’s Weather in January:
Average Temperature:-7° C / 20° F
Average Snowfall:142 cm / 56 in
Average Number of Bluebird Days:10.4
Big White Ski Resort’s Weather in February:
Average Temperature:-9° C / 16° F
Average Snowfall:140 cm / 55 in
Average Number of Bluebird Days:12.2
Big White Ski Resort’s Weather in March:
Average Temperature:-5° C / 24° F
Average Snowfall:145 cm / 57 in
Average Number of Bluebird Days:9.9
Big White Ski Resort’s Weather in April:
Average Temperature:0° C / 32° F
Average Snowfall:53 cm / 21 in
Average Number of Bluebird Days:6.5

When Should I Book My Ski Trip For The Best Ski Weather at Big White Ski Resort?

Finding the right time of year to book your ski trip can always be tricky, especially if you’re trying to pick the best time to go for ideal skiing and snow conditions. And choosing the right time based on the average weather doesn’t take into consideration the crowds that may or may not be there as well. 

So when it comes to choosing the right dates for booking your ski vacation at Big White Ski Resort, you’ll want to take as much as possible into consideration. 

Big White Ski Resort is well known for its consistent, high-quality conditions for skiing and snowboarding throughout the ski season. However, the months with the highest average snowfall and coldest weather are typically December, January and February. February often sees the most “bluebird” days (i.e. clear blue skies), while December often sees the most snow (i.e. lots of fresh snowfall to make fresh tracks in). December also has the benefit of plenty of holiday-oriented activities and events and a festive atmosphere. But those holiday activities and events also mean a lot more visitors and crowds, and it is the busiest month of the year for Big White Ski Resort (and most ski resorts in general). Generally speaking, January is one of the least busy months of the year that still receives plenty of good snowfall and weather conditions for skiing. 

In short, if you’re looking for holiday activities and lots of fresh snow, book your ski vacation at Big White Ski Resort in December. If you’re looking for fewer crowds and more bluebird days, we’d recommend booking your Big White Ski Resort ski vacation in January and early February.

If you’re ever trying to plan a family ski vacation based on the weather in advance, we highly recommend using the Old Farmer’s Almanac (we use it a lot, too!)

Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ Big White Snow Report: Your New Favourite Ski Trip Planning Tool

As ski enthusiasts ourselves, we know how important having good weather days is for your ski vacation. That’s why we wanted to provide our guests with a thorough and accurate Big White Snow Report. Our Big White Snow Report is our newest tool to help you better plan your ski trips and excursions, and we think you’re going to love it. 

With full daily snow reports, weekly predictions, current snow base, and even condition reporting for visibility, wind, freeze levels and general temperatures (and with measurements in Metric and Imperial measurements), it’s the Big White weather report we know you’ve been looking for. 

Check out our new and improved Big White Snow Report or browse our luxury vacation rentals to start planning your perfect ski vacation with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals today.