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6 Reasons Why Big White Ski Resort Is The Top Family Vacation Destination Year-Round

Big White Ski Resort is recognized as one of Canada’s top family ski resorts for a reason. But while Big White Ski Resort makes for an excellent winter family vacation, the resort is also an ideal destination during the summer season, too. Whether you’re hoping to go skiing with the kids, or mountain biking with your family, Big White has everything you need for a fun family vacation, year-round.

Thinking about booking your next family vacation, but not sure where to pick? Read on to find out our top six reasons why Big White Ski Resort is the ideal family vacation destination year-round.

1. Champagne Powder Snow & Excellent Conditions For Skiing & Snowboarding in The Winter

One of the main reasons why visitors love coming to Big White Ski Resort is because of its champagne powder snow and weather conditions for skiing and snowboarding. Our powdery snow makes for an easier, smoother glide down our hills and trails, and the weather offers the ideal amount of fresh snow during the winter season (Big White gets an average of 7.5 metres of annual snowfall). This means that you and your family can enjoy some of the best conditions for skiing and snowboarding in the world, without taking a trip to the Alps.

A family of five in ski gear stand on a snowy slope at Big White Ski Resort.
A place of nachos and other appetizers sits with two cocktail drinks.

2. Tons of Delicious Family-Friendly Restaurants at Big White Ski Resort

Family-friendly restaurants are a practical must while on a family vacation, and luckily, Big White Ski Resort has plenty of options. From cozy and casual eats to indulgent pizza nights, Big White Ski Resort’s variety of restaurants will satisfy everyone’s cravings. There’s also The Market, the local on-the-mountain grocery store where you can stock up if you wanted to cook your own meals during your family vacation. 

Some of our favourite family-friendly restaurants include:

There are plenty of other options for feeding your family while on the mountain. Check out our restaurant guide for more ideas on where to eat at Big White Ski Resort.

3. Excellent Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails During the Summer

From ski resort to mountain biking and hiking oasis, Big White Ski Resort transforms into the ultimate adventure-filled destination during the summer. Carefully planning out mountain biking and hiking trails for all different skill levels, Big White Ski Resort is perfectly set up so that you and your family can enjoy zipping around on your mountain bikes or taking a hike along their scenic trails. This means that you can enjoy an action-packed vacation that will give you a memorable experience for yourself and the kids. Plus, Big White Ski Resort offers mountain bike rentals and fat bike rentals if you don’t have your own. Learn more about mountain biking and hiking during the summer at Big White Ski Resort.

4. Stunning Luxury Vacation Rentals For Comfortable Accommodations During Your Family Vacation

Booking the right accommodation for a family vacation is another vital aspect of making it a memorable trip. For family vacation rentals that will keep everyone happy and comfortable while at Big White Ski Resort, we’ve got you covered! At Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals, we specialize in stunning luxury vacation rentals with great locations that have everything you need for your family trip. From cozy hot tubs and spa-like bathrooms to fully-equipped kitchens and plenty of comfortable bedrooms and sleeping spaces, each with their own unique style, there’s a vacation rental for you and your family. Browse our winter luxury vacation rentals, or check out our options for summer vacation rentals to book your family vacation.

5. Ski School, Bike School And Other Kid-Friendly Activities At Big White Ski Resort

Big White Ski Resort is packed with fun kid-friendly activities year-round. If you’re bringing the kids with you on your family vacation and looking for things to do to keep them busy, don’t worry! There are lots of activities to fill up your and your kids’ itineraries during your family vacation at Big White Ski Resort.

Here’s a quick list of some summer and winter activities to keep your children entertained during your trip:

Winter Kid-Friendly Activities at Big White Ski Resort:

Summer Kid-Friendly Activities at Big White Ski Resort:

A family with their kids all in skis and ski gear stand with the Big White mascot, the moose, in front of the Big White Kids Centre at Big White Ski Centre, a perfect activity for kids while on a family vacation.

6. Big White Ski Resort Voted One of the Top-Rated Family Ski Resorts Multiple Times

Big White Ski Resort being a favourite destination for a family ski vacation is no secret. But don’t take our word for it! The resort has received multiple awards and high ratings throughout the years. With its wonderful skiing conditions, fun activities, delicious restaurants and comfortable accommodations, Big White Ski Resort has earned its status as one of the top family ski resorts in Canada time and time again for good reason. 

Make Big White Ski Resort Your Year-Round Family Vacation Destination

Whether you’re looking for some fun in the sun or a snow-filled winter adventure, Big White Ski Resort has everything you need to plan your ideal family vacation. Check out our blog for more ideas on how you can spend your time while at Big White Ski Resort or contact us for more information. 

Does Big White Ski Resort sound like the perfect place for you and your family? Browse our luxury vacation rentals and book your family vacation today.