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Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ Guide to Planning A Summer Vacation at Big White Ski Resort

Summer has officially started, which means it’s time to plan your summer vacations. And if you’re looking for something a little more unique this summer, Big White Ski Resort might be the place for you. From the luxury vacation rentals to the mountain biking trails, a summer vacation at Big White Ski Resort promises to be a memorable adventure.

Curious about planning a summer vacation at Big White Ski Resort this summer? Read on for Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ guide to summer vacations at Big White Ski Resort.

Why Big White Ski Resort Is the Ultimate Summer Vacation Destination

Known for its world-class ski trails and champagne powder snow, many don’t think of Big White Ski Resort as a summer destination. But what makes Big White such an excellent ski resort during the winter, also makes it an adventure-filled playground in summer.

Big White Ski Resort is excellent for those who enjoy mountain biking during the summer. With plenty of options that offer a variety of difficulty levels, the mountain biking at Big White is ideal for newbies or experts. Along with mountain biking and fat biking, there are also plenty of gorgeous hiking trails and other outdoor activities to enjoy on the mountain. Big White Ski Resort also has its own town centre for shopping, with tons of delicious restaurants to try. Big White Ski Resort is also only an hour-long drive away from Kelowna and the Okanagan, so you can plan a day trip to explore beyond the mountain.

Big White Ski Resort is a great destination for family vacations, couple getaways, family reunions, company trips and other group get-togethers. Its variety of fun outdoor and indoor activities means there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, there are plenty of options for vacation rentals for any group size, too.

Things To Do at Big White Ski Resort This Summer

While you won’t be able to ski during the summer at Big White Ski Resort, there are still plenty of other things to do at Big White Ski Resort.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor biking adventure or just want to relax in the hot tub, you’ll be able to plan a summer vacation that suits your tastes. Plus, Big White offers activities that are suitable for all ages and skill levels, making it an excellent destination for a family vacation.

Here are some things to do at Big White Ski Resort this summer:

1. Try out mountain biking at Big White Ski Resort.

Bring your own bike to explore the trails on the mountain, or rent a bike through Big White’s bike rental services if you don’t have your own. With multiple trails in the bike park, a bike school and different areas for slope-style biking and for beginners, there’s already plenty to fill your summer vacation at Big White Ski Resort. Plus, if you bring your own mountain bikes, all Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ summer rentals have private garages with secure bike storage.

2. Go hiking at Big White Ski Resort.

Along with the exhilarating mountain biking trails at Big White, there are also plenty of hiking trails and walking trails to enjoy during the summer. Check out Big White’s hiking trails to map out what you’ll explore on your summer vacation at Big White Ski Resort.

3. Admire the view from Big White’s scenic chair lift.

Looking for something a bit more relaxing? Big White Ski Resort has a few of its chair lifts open for people to enjoy a scenic ride up the mountainside. These can be fun with the kids, offer great photography opportunities, or are even perfect for a couple looking for a more romantic outdoor activity. 

4. Play a game or two of disc golf at Big White Ski Resort.

Fun for the whole group, a game of disc golf is always a good idea. Rent some of the discs at Big White and play some disc golf with your family or group during your stay at Big White Ski Resort this summer.

5. Try birdwatching and observe Big White’s natural wildlife.

One of the wonderful things about being on Big White is being able to observe the diverse wildlife and plant life. A fascinating look into the natural world, birdwatching at Big White Ski Resort is always a great outdoor activity to add to your itinerary. Here is Big White’s guide to birdwatching as well as their wildflowers field guide

6. Take yourself along a self-guided tour of Big White’s fairy doors.

Looking for something fun to do with the kids (or just yourself)? Big White Ski resort has set up fairy doors for a mythical self-guided tour of the mountain. This is an entertaining spin on a regular hike and will provide an enjoyable walking tour of Big White while also keeping the kids engaged.

7. Plan out your own foodie tour and visit the restaurants at Big White.

Full of variety and delicious flavours, the food scene at Big White is worth the exploration. Try out some of Big White’s restaurants and cafes to get a taste of the mountain this summer.

8. Host a BBQ cookout at your vacation rental.

One of the perks of staying with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ is access to a private balcony with your own barbecue (and hot tub). With spacious and comfortable accommodation, why not host your own BBQ cookout with the family right in your Big White vacation rental? You can pick up everything you’ll need right at Big White’s grocery store, The Market, and prepare a full gourmet meal in your kitchen and with your rental’s BBQ. 

9. Relax in your hot tub and enjoy the view from your private balcony in your vacation rental.

For a laid-back afternoon or evening after a day of riding your mountain bike or hiking, take a soak in your private hot tub. Right on your private balcony in your vacation rental, you can unwind and look out at the views of Big White from your cozy spot. Every summer vacation rental from Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals has its own private deck and hot tub to help you relax on your holiday.

10. Take a day trip down to Kelowna to explore the Okanagan.

If you’re looking for a day trip to shake up your Big White vacation, why not take a day to explore Kelowna and the Okanagan? Only about an hour-long drive away from Kelowna, there is even more to explore during your trip right next door. Try out a wine or brewery tour with Discover Okanagan Tours, or take a dip in Lake Okanagan. There are also shuttles and transportation services available to help you get to and from Kelowna.

11. Book a private wine tasting for your group with an expert sommelier.

Looking for an activity for the adults​​, while still enjoying what makes Big White and the Okanagan so special? Then you should book a private wine tasting with your group! Led by a local expert sommelier, you’ll get a tailored tasting of different wines along with pairings, all within the comfort of your vacation rental. 

12. Enjoy a games night with the family.

A classic games night is never a bad idea with the family. Many of our vacation rentals are equipped with games to help entertain your group and kids, but it’s also never a bad idea to bring a game of your own, too. So plan out an evening during your stay for some fun bonding time with your family!

Summer Events at Big White Ski Resort

Along with plenty of summer activities to try at Big White Ski Resort, there are also some excellent summer events to add to your calendar. Whether you want to add something a little extra special to your itinerary or are simply interested in what’s going on while you’re at Big White Ski Resort this summer, you should check out these Big White summer events:

Make Big White Ski Resort Your Summer Vacation Destination This Summer

With a variety of outdoor activities and fun events, Big White Ski Resort makes for an excellent summer vacation. A memorable experience, you’ll have a trip packed full of enjoyable activities for everyone in your family or group. 

Ready to book your summer vacation at Big White Ski Resort? Find out more about our summer vacation rentals and book your holiday today.