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4 Ways to Celebrate The Holidays While At Big White Ski Resort

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than booking a ski vacation at Big White Ski Resort with your family. Big White Ski Resort is a true winter wonderland for the holidays. From glistening snow on rooftops and trees to sparkling lights on the buildings and paths, you and your family will feel like you’re at the North Pole itself.

But what should you do while at Big White Ski Resort over the holidays?

If you’re in need of ideas, here are 4 ways you can celebrate the holidays while at Big White Ski Resort this Christmas season.

Take a Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride Tour of Big White

There’s nothing quite like seeing Big White Ski Resort while on a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

This old-fashioned style of transportation will give you all the nostalgia & Christmas spirit you’ll need to kick off your holiday vacation. This family-friendly activity is perfect for kids, adults and seniors looking for a relaxing way to celebrate the holidays. All ages welcome!

While travelling along snowy trails and by frosted trees, you’ll be able to cozy up under warm blankets and sip on some tasty hot chocolate. You’ll get a beautiful, relaxing tour of Big White while on your sleigh, drawn by majestic horses.

These horse-drawn sleigh rides can carry up to 16 guests. Private and small group tours are also available, and if you’re feeling peckish, they even offer a dining tour with a delicious meal for the group.

Big White’s horse-drawn sleigh rides are an incredibly festive way to get in the Christmas spirit. There’s a reason why there’s a Christmas song all about the activity, after all!

There is a family on a sleigh ride heading to a house covered in snow.
Two children with hockey sticks are playing ice hockey and shooting on a small net on an outdoor ice rink at Big White Ski Resort

Take The Family Ice Skating

Another classic activity to try while at Big White is ice skating with the family. Big White’s ice skating rink is Canada’s highest outdoor rink and provides plenty of fun for the whole family.

Teach your youngest how to ice skate or zoom along with your older kids. The ice skating rink is surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains and snow-covered trees and feels extra special around the holidays. There is even night skating available, with the rink fully lit and a daily bonfire to warm you up, starting at 3:00 pm.

Ice skates, helmets, and even hockey sticks are available to rent if you feel like picking up a fun game with the locals. The rink is open from 11:00 am to 7:45 pm daily, and is an excellent, festive activity to try with your family and friends while on your ski vacation.

Go To The Annual Big White Christmas Eve Festival & See The Christmas Eve Fireworks

What better way to celebrate the holidays at Big White than visiting the Big White Christmas Eve Festival?

This Big White Ski Resort tradition is back for the 2021/2022 season and is full of wonder and Christmas cheer. Take your family and friends to the Village to walk around the festively decorated area, alive with elves, fun activities and Christmas lights. We’ve heard that Santa may even be making an appearance for the young ones in your family, too. 

The Festival even has a photo booth with the ‘Merry Christmas From Around The World’ theme, a Decoration Station to make your own Christmas ornaments, and a ‘Letters Home’ station to send off cards and letters to loved ones at home. There are even indoor Christmas booths and live Christmas music inside the Village Centre Mall to see if you need to warm up.

And, to cap it all off, there’s Big White’s famous Christmas Eve Fireworks display. The festival starts at 4:15 pm and ends with the fireworks display at 6:15 pm. The Big White Christmas Eve Festival is the perfect family-friendly event to make your Christmas vacation extra special.

Early Christmas Morning Ski

Wake up early and take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air while on an early Christmas morning ski. 

Take your kids onto Big White’s world-class ski trails and refresh your senses before digging into the holiday’s usual festivities. Our champagne powder is some of the best snow for skiing or snowboarding, and with trails for all skill levels, you and your family can enjoy the morning at your own pace. 

For an easier route with the kids, take the Easy Street Trail down from the Village Centre, then transfer over to the Hummingbird trail until you reach the Ridge Day Lodge. At Ridge Day Lodge, enjoy a hot chocolate and quick snack before taking a chairlift to your next destination. 

Want to head back to your accommodation after a quick ski? Take the Plaza Chair back up to the Village Centre.

If you want to continue your ski, you can take the Snow Ghost Express up to the top of the mountain, where you can then ski with your group to the Rocket Easy Out trail. Taking this trail down, you’ll then meet up the Highway 33 trail for an easy-going route down the moment. You’ll then take a right down Easy Street Trail again to take you back to the Village Centre, where you and your family can finish your Christmas Day celebrations.

Christmas At Big White Ski Resort

Christmas at Big White Ski Resort with your family and friends is truly a special vacation to celebrate the holidays. Whether you want to simply explore the excellent ski trails at Big White, or see everything that Big White Ski Resort offers for the holiday season, your time on the mountain will feel like you’re in a winter wonderland. Book a luxury vacation rental with us today to make your trip extra special, or contact us for more information on ways you can celebrate while on the mountain.

An overhead view during the holidays at Big White Ski Resort, with a dark night sky above and snow covered trees and buildings with warm Christmas lights below.