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5 Perks to Skiing in January at Big White Ski Resort

Planning a ski trip to Big White for the winter season can be a confusing and stressful experience. It’s the busiest time of the year for any ski resort, and spots can go quickly. And how do you know if you’ll get enough snow for the best ski conditions? Or if you’re going to have to fight your way through crowds of other visitors?

If you’re struggling to pick which month is the best for booking your ski trip, then we have the answer for you. Keep reading to discover our 5 reasons why January might be the best time to go skiing at Big White Ski Resort this winter season.

1. Fewer Crowds

A skier in a red jacket skis down a snowy slope with tall evergreen trees in the background while at Big White Ski Resort while going skiing in January.
Skiing in January means fewer crowds on the slopes and at Big White Ski Resort’s amenities.

Many visitors come flooding to Big White during December to take advantage of the holiday season. While it can be fun to be amongst the crowds and festivities of December, it can also be hectic and overcrowded. It can interfere with your skiing or snowboarding activities, and make it harder to get seats at restaurants or book accommodation. The crowds can not only fill up space for comfortable skiing but also take away the peaceful or quiet atmosphere you may be seeking when going on a ski trip.

February can also be a busy month for the mountain, what with Family Day both in British Columbia and Alberta bringing in groups for a family vacation.

However, most of these December visitors are families or groups coming to celebrate the holidays and will leave shortly after New Years Day. And the crowds of February don’t usually arrive at the mountain until mid-month. 

Booking your trip to go skiing in January means you can sneak your trip in between major holidays, and thus avoid larger crowds filling up the slopes and mountain amenities. Plus, you’ll still be able to experience some of the best ski conditions of the year. 

2. Better Snow Conditions & Weather

A snowboarder in a blue jacket snowboards down a champagne powder, snowy slope with snow-covered trees in the background and bright blue skies above while at Big White Ski Resort, perfect conditions for snowboarding or skiing in January.
You’ll be able to experience great ski conditions at Big White while skiing in January.

Big White Ski Resort is known for its champagne powder, world-class slopes and fantastic snow-sure conditions. And because of its earlier opening ski season in November, skiers can expect excellent quality of snow by late December, just in time to enjoy in January. 

While November and early December still have the risk of wetter conditions, January is cold and dry enough to bring in the perfect champagne powder that the mountain is known for. You’ll be able to explore all 119 designated trails with the best snow for skiing or snowboarding. Not only does skiing in January mean skipping the crowds of December and February, but it also means excellent skiing conditions and weather, with plenty of room on the slopes and trails.

3. More Availability And Less Stress When Booking

An overhead view of three people sitting on a couch and pointing at a laptop computer screen while booking a trip to go skiing in January at Big White Ski Resort
A trip in January will mean more availability and less stress when booking. Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

For more availability and less stress when booking, January is the choice for you. Because of the busier times during December and February for holidays, it means more crowds and less availability for places to stay. 

But if you book in January, you’ll have more timeslots to book your ideal rental, without the hassle of busier times. Plus, if you’re a local from the Okanagan or elsewhere in British Columbia, January is an easier month to book a last-minute weekend getaway and hop over to the mountain. You won’t have to fight as many tourists as in other months of the winter season, and you’ll have more availability for your favourite luxury rentals

January is an excellent month to book your trip for less stress and more availability for the best Big White rentals. We’d still suggest booking in advance when possible, but January is an easier month to reserve your favourite luxury accommodation. 

Curious about what we have available for January? You can browse our luxury rentals here.

4. Great Deals For Luxury Rentals

Because January is right in the middle of the two busiest months for Big White (December and February), January also offers some great deals for luxury rental bookings.

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury rental experience for your ski trip to Big White, January is an excellent month to book; you’ll be able to spread your budget a little bit further with the discounts available to you for January stays. And, you’ll still be staying in a luxury rental on a beautiful mountain with world-class skiing. 

To find out more about Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals’ deals for staying in January, visit our ‘Deals’ page.

5. The Perfect Way To Re-energize And Start The New Year

Orange and red fireworks burst overtop the large Big White Clock Tower in the Village Centre at Big White Ski Resort.
Start the New Year off with a ‘bang’ by skiing in January.

Is skiing or fitness part of your New Years Resolution? If it is, why not start your year off with a ski trip in January.

A ski trip is the perfect way to re-energize yourself for the New Year and will help you hit your fitness goals, too. Or if you’re trying to maximize your time on the slopes during the ski season, booking your trip for January only makes sense to start off your New Year. 

Fill your lungs with the fresh, cool air of the mountain and feel rejuvenated as you zoom down the powdery slopes of Big White Ski Resort. You’ll be able to get to work on your New Years Resolution right away, and have a fun vacation while you’re at it.

Book Your Ski Trip For January This Winter Season

Three skiers ski down a snowy hill past a large luxury rental building at Big White Ski Resort with bright blue skies above.

There are many perks to skiing in January at Big White Ski Resort, from fewer crowds to great skiing conditions. It’s the perfect way to start the New Year, and enjoy a world-class ski trip while you’re at it. If you’re looking for accommodation for January, browse our luxury rentals and book with us today, or contact us for more information.