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Cat Skiing: The Ultimate Skiing Adventure To Try While at Big White Ski Resort

A skier cat skiing down one of Big Red Cats' trails, which is covered in powdery white snow on a blue sky day with fluffy white clouds and bright sun.
Every trail is fresh when you’re taken to remote locations while cat skiing. Photo courtesy of Big Red Cats.

Skiing is an exhilarating winter activity that many Canadians enjoy during the colder months of the year. In fact, according to the Canadian Ski Council, there are an estimated 2.5 million skiers and snowboarders in Canada. This classic pastime is a favourite to many, but if you’re looking to shake up your usual ski vacation routine, then we have a suggestion for you: cat skiing.

Read on to find out more about cat skiing and why you should consider trying it over the winter season.

What Is Cat Skiing And How Is It Different From Regular Skiing?

Cat skiing, also known as ‘snowcat skiing’, is a style of guided backcountry skiing. Using a snowcat machine, guides take skiers to more remote locations of untouched terrain for them to explore. A snowcat machine is typically used to groom ski hills during the winter. But, this clever use of these machines allows for more adventurous skiing for passionate skiers. It provides skiers with fresh locations that will feel like their own skiing oasis.

Cat skiing is different from other forms of skiing. Not because of the style of skiing itself, but because of its remote locations and its unique way of getting you there. It is similar to heli-skiing in that you are taken to more secluded spots for skiing, but you travel using a snowcat machine instead of a helicopter. It’s also much cheaper than heli-skiing, while still getting an equally unique and special experience.

One of K3's cats, a large red painted machine covered in snow, used for cat skiing, an exclusive experience through Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals at bigwhite.
Photo courtesy of K3 Cat Ski.

Cat skiing is for those looking for a true sense of adventure, and for a little extra thrill while on their ski vacations. Whether you want to add it to your regular ski schedule, or you want to cross it off your bucket list, cat skiing is a fun way to shake up your usual skiing routine.

Cat Skiing While on Vacation At Big White Ski Resort

Guests can now try cat skiing during their stay at Big White Ski Resort. With access to epic skiing locations through your stay with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Enjoy the champagne powder at Big White Ski Resort, and then cat ski to your heart’s desire in beautiful, remote locations without missing a beat.

Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals has teamed up with two exceptional cat skiing companies: Big Red Cats and K3 Cat Ski. Through our collaboration, we are now able to provide guests with a unique adventure while staying with us.

These epic cat skiing opportunities are located in Rossland, Revelstoke and Sicamous. Our team will handle transportation to and from Big White, and help coordinate other aspects of your excursion. Want to take the whole group on a special skiing ‘expedition’ during your stay at Big White? Or perhaps a select few of your group want to try something new while others enjoy Big White’s world-class skiing? Or maybe your group wants to extend your Big White ski vacation and finish your trip off with a couple of days of cat skiing?

Whatever you choose, Big Red Cats and K3 Cat Ski will fit the bill for making your ski vacation at Big White Ski Resort one to remember.

Big Red Cats:

Birds eye view of cat machine with a group of skiers and guides as they traverse a snowy, white landscape of trees in Rossland area for Big Red Cats skiing
A cat skiing group with Big Red Cats out on their skiing adventure. Photo courtesy of Big Red Cats.

Big Red Cats is a cat skiing company based out of Rossland, BC. Expert guides will take you to breathtaking, untouched terrain to explore and ski. Between 8 peaks and 20,000 acres of terrain, you and your group will have plenty to explore.

K3 Cat Ski:

A group of skiers with K3 Cat Ski overlooking the snowy peaks of mountains over their skis.
You can expect stunning views and great adventure when cat skiing with K3 Cat Ski. Photo courtesy of K3 Cat Ski.

K3 Cat Ski has cat skiing options based out of both British Columbia’s Revelstoke and Sicamous. With 33,000 acres worth of diverse terrain to explore with your knowledgable guides, your group will have a remarkable backcountry skiing adventure.

Book Your Cat Skiing Adventure Today

A large group of cat skiers posing by a cat machine for K3 Cat Ski on a snowy day with snow covered trees in the background.
Cat skiing is a wonderful activity to make your skiing venture more unique. Photo courtesy of K3 Cat Ski.

Both Big Red Cats and K3 Cat Ski offer guests a special skiing experience in British Columbia’s breathtaking mountains. You’ll be able to try both of these unique experiences through your stay with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals while at Big White Ski Resort. And don’t worry, we’ll even handle organizing the excursion and transportation for you.

Want to find out more about these cat skiing adventures? Check out our experiences pages all about Big Red Cats and K3 Cat Ski to find out more. If you’re interested in our other exclusive experiences through your stay in our luxury vacation rentals, you can read about them here. Ready to book? Browse our luxury vacation rentals and book with us today to arrange your best ski trip yet.