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Big White Snow Forecast: What’s Predicted for the 2023/2024 Ski Season at Big White Ski Resort, According to the Canadian Old Farmer’s Almanac

A snowy ski hill with snow covered pine trees on the edges with fluffy clouds and blue skies above, and skiiers skiing by at Big White Ski Resort.
Big White Ski Resort. Photo by Holly Booker on Unsplash

Known for its champagne powder snow and Okanagan weather, Big White Ski Resort is any ski lover’s dream during the winter season. And with the new ski season just around the corner for the mountain, everyone’s gearing up for the slopes and their next mountain getaway. But if you’re not up to date on the Big White weather forecast for the season, how will you know when the perfect time to book your ski vacation is?

That’s why we at Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals are giving you the inside scoop, and all of our on-the-mountain expertise, to help you plan your next ski vacation this 2023/2024 ski season at Big White Mountain.

Keep reading to hear our breakdown of this year’s Canadian Farmer’s Almanac, when you should book your Big White ski trip, and how to use one of our favourite tools for predicting Big White’s weather.

What Is A Farmer’s Almanac? Understanding An Age-Old Tool For Predicting Big White Weather and Snow

A Farmer’s Almanac is an important tool to help predict overall seasonal weather in a region and is, usually, published once a year. A book and tool used for hundreds of years, it is most commonly known for being used by farmers and gardeners trying to plan their crops for the next season. Many also keep a record of holidays, seasonal recipes, gardening tips, and astronomy information, among other things.

While many debate the accuracy of these predictions, many rely on Farmer’s Almanacs to help them not only plant their crops and gardens but to also predict the winter season’s weather for things like skiing, among other things.

At LMVRentals, we like to use the Old Farmer’s Almanac, one of the oldest and most popular ones still in circulation, to help our guests better plan their ski trips based on the predictions for the upcoming ski season. 

The yellow and red digital cover of the Old Farmers Almanac for 2024, Canadian edition, with weather predictions for Canada and BC, including snow predictions for ski resorts.

Big White Snow Forecast: What The Old Farmer’s Almanac Is Predicting For The Upcoming 2023/2024 Ski Season

Big White gets an average annual snowfall of 7.5 metres (750cm, 24.5 ft), and the average season is approximately 135 days during the winter season. As Big White Resort is based in the Okanagan Valley near Kelowna BC, we get beautiful, powdery snow, rather than heavy wet snow, and lots of bluebird days on the ski slopes. Because of our ideal ski weather, many choose Big White as their destination for ski vacations (it also helps to be in the Okanagan, one of the best wine regions in BC and the world). 

This is on average, and these conditions vary from year to year. Getting a handle on what could be coming next for the winter season can be tricky, which is why many skiers and snowboarders use an almanac to help them better plan their mountain stays

Of course, not everyone wants to own a copy of an almanac just to predict the weather, and some find the almanac’s predictions confusing, which is why we’re here to help break down the Old Farmer’s Almanac predictions for you so you can better plan your next Big White trip.

A map graphic with Canada's province's and a general winter weather predictions map from the Old Farmer's Almanac over it.
The Old Farmer’s Almanac general weather predictions map for all of Canada.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Winter Weather Predictions & Snow Forecasts for Canada and the BC Region

Southern British Columbia, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac 2024 Canadian Online Edition, is predicted to have a winter season that “will be colder than normal, with the coldest periods in late December, early and late January, and early February” (p. 216). 

While the almanac is predicting lower-than-average snowfall early in the ski season for Southern BC, it’s predicting higher-than-normal snowfall for February, which is excellent for those wanting to avoid the usual crowds of the holiday season at Big White

Here’s a quick breakdown of BC’s winter weather predictions from the Almanac, for the busiest months of Big White’s ski season (p. 216):

Southern BC November 2023 Snow Forecast:

Average temperature of 2C (3C below average). Precipitation of 100mm on average. The later days of the month are predicted to have sunny and cold days following some new snow. 

Southern BC December 2023 Snow Forecast:

Average temperature of -2C (4C below average). Precipitation of 113mm on average. The month is predicted to have a mix of rain, new snow and chillier days. 

Southern BC January 2024 Snow Forecast:

Average temperature of -3C (4C below average). Precipitation of 180mm on average. The middle of the month is likely to see flurries, with cooler weather than normal throughout the month but becoming more mild near the end of January.

Southern BC February 2024 Snow Forecast:

Average temperature of -1.5C (4C below average). Precipitation of 170mm on average (30mm above average). The snowiest periods are predicted for earlier in the month, with some rain sprinkled in later on.

An overhead view of Big White Ski Resort covered in snow on a winter day.
Big White Ski Resort.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Winter Big White Snow Report & Weather Predictions: Our Take On Its Predictions

Southern British BC is a region in Canada with a wide variety of biomes and landscapes with varying elevation levels that also affect temperature and precipitation. Big White Mountain’s summit is at 2,319m (7,606 ft) and its Village Centre is 1,755m (5,757 ft), greatly helping its average snowfall and skiing conditions at the resort for the winter seasons, while the nearby Kelowna is often drier due to its location in the Okanagan Valley. 

On average, Big White snowfall is at its highest in December through February (ranging from 140cm to 160cm) and the highest amount of bluebird ski days in December and February (11-12 days). Take a look at our breakdown by month of Big White’s weather here for more details or check out our Big White Snow Report for more recent weather predictions. 

While the cooler temps predicted for Southern BC this season may have you shivering, they help to keep the snowfall we get drier and fluffier, making for better ski conditions on the mountain resort. Based on the overall snow forecast for BC’s southern area, we believe it’ll be an overall cooler season at the resort. We’re certain we’ll still have our usual high-quality champagne snow, but will likely have the snowiest weather in February. If you’re looking for the best month to book a longer stay at the resort, we think most months of the season will provide great weather, but February is likely the best month for the freshest snow and sunnier days.

Predicting Big White Snow & Weather For A Ski Trip To Big White Ski Resort

We know how important it is to have reliable information and forecasts for planning a ski or snowboarding trip. To help you better plan your trips, especially for short-notice trips, we recommend using our Big White weather webcam or our Big White Snow Report to help you plan around the weather for your next vacation. 

Our webcam features angles of one of the more popular ski runs so you can see exactly what you can expect on the mountain, while our customer snow report features a 7-day forecast, today’s weather & current conditions, visibility information, wind speed data, real time snow conditions, annual weather data, freezing levels, helpful icons for cloudy, snowy and rainy weather, and the current snow base on the mountain.

A skilled skier in bright yellow gear skis down a champagne powder snow covered slope with bright blue skies above at Big White Ski Resort.
Our stunning champagne powder snow draws in ski and snowboard enthusiasts from around the world.

Booking Your Next Ski Adventure at Big White Ski Resort with Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals

Booking a ski vacation around the weather has never been so easy! As on-the-mountain experts with over 15 years of experience helping guests find the perfect luxury Big White rentals, we know the ins and outs of the mountain resort, and how to plan the ultimate vacation. 

Whether you’re planning a big family ski vacation to Big White, a romantic getaway with your partner, or your annual ski adventure, we can help you plan your trip so you can take full advantage of Big White and its spectacular ski weather, and stay in the best luxury Big White accommodations on the mountain. 

Browse our luxury Big White rentals to book your next ski vacation, or contact us today if you’d like help with a more tailored experience at the resort. The mountain is calling!