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What to Expect for Booking Big White Accommodation During COVID-19

Last updated: August 13 2021

It’s important to feel confident when booking a vacation, especially during a pandemic. LMVR understands that travelling during COVID-19 is difficult and wants to ensure guests that they can rely on our accommodation services. Ensuring guests feel safe and are comfortable within the rental facilities is our top priority.

There are a variety of policies and procedures that need to be researched before planning a trip. However, it can be difficult to find accurate information when searching online. We wanted to provide all the trusted information you’ll need for booking Big White accommodation during COVID-19 in one place. This article outlines current recommendations from the government of British Columbia and LMVR’s pandemic policy updates.

Lara's Gondola on a blue-skies day at Big White Ski Resort

Current COVID-19 Restrictions and Guidelines in BC

The current Government of British Columbia COVID-19 Travel Restrictions and Guidelines state all travel within B.C. is allowed. This includes travelling for vacations, weekend getaways, tourism, visiting friends and family, and recreational activities. Before travelling, it is also important to look at community guidelines. Some Indigenous communities in B.C. are not welcoming visitors at this time. 

All travel into B.C. from another province within Canada is currently allowed. When travelling between provinces, self-quarantine is not mandatory. Although, once visitors enter B.C., they must follow the same province-wide restrictions.

As of August 9, fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents of the United States can enter Canada for non-essential travel. However, entry into Canada for non-essential travel continues to be prohibited for travellers who are not fully vaccinated.

Hot tub on a private deck in a Luxury Mountain Vacation Rental Big White accommodation unit, overlooking snow-topped condos below

LMVR Special Circumstance Cancelation Policy

 During these unprecedented times, various government regulations differ between countries and airlines. When booking with LMRV, you’ll experience peace of mind with the luxury of flexibility. 

One of our special policies can be applied if your country, government or airline has an official nonessential travel restriction in place for the dates of your travel. A refund will be offered to guests, less a 5% processing fee. This policy applies when notice is given at least 45 days before the booked arrival date.

 A cancellation for the same reason can be made even if less than a 44-day notice is given before arrival. However, guests, in this case, will receive 100% booking credit for the amount paid towards a booking for the same property in the future.

Many Canadian insurance companies now offer various coverage of COVID-19-related medical and trip interruption insurance. It’s recommended that all guests explore travel insurance options as additional coverage in the case of unexpected events. The booking credit can be used from 12 to 18 months from the cancellation date

A bright, open dining room with a large dining table, stairs on the left, large windows and a modern chandelier overhead in a luxury vacation rental from Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals at Big White Ski Resort.

LMVR COVID-19 Policy Updates

LMVR continues to update policies and procedures that are in line with what the government advises. The COVID-19 Policy Updates outline the various safety aspects and booking policies that guests should consider before booking Big White accommodation during COVID-19.

Unpredictable events can occur and LMVR recognizes that guests may need to cancel or reschedule their accommodation. Our guest cancellation policy states that if a reservation is cancelled before check-in, all cleaning and pet fees will be refunded. Cancellations have varying refund rules based on how far in advance the request is received before the check-in date. The following outlines how refunds are managed based on notice:

–       Between 1-19 days: no refund

–       Between 30-44 days: 50% refund

–       45+ days before: loss of deposit/balance not paid

Queen nanny suite with a bed and couch in a Luxury Mountain Vacation Rentals Big White accommodation rental

Booking Big White Accommodation during COVID-19: Next Steps

LMVR’s flexibility, dedicated client services and considerate cancellation policies are what make our accommodations the safest choice for travelling. You can feel confident when you book your stay with LMVR and take comfort in knowing you can rely on our policies and procedures. To inquire about booking a stay, contact us or visit our website.